You may or may not have visited our brick-and-mortar shop or paged through our Etsy store. If not, then we are glad to make your acquaintance! Though we often Tumble, Facebook, and have just begun Tweeting, we figured another outlet for which to get to know other vintage nerds couldn’t hurt. We’ve been endlessly inspired by the many blogs we read on a daily basis. Now, we can actually start interacting with them! If you’re interested in getting to know us a little better, here is a visual introduction we’ve put┬átogether…

A peek into our brick-and-mortar shop

In January we re-located a couple blocks over. This was our first Saturday open at the new location

A sample of some of the dresses for sale in the shop

A peek into our brick-and-mortar shop

This is Montana -she is a dear friend of the shop and is the most often used model for the Etsy store. You will probably see plenty more of her on here

A sample of some of the men’s wares we carry at the shop

This is Corey, the owner of LBV!

And this is me, Lauren! I’ll be posting mostly, although Corey may pop by once in a while.

It’s so nice to meet you. ‘Til next time…